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Why Solar Energy is the Future

Nobody likes rolling blackouts.

Power disruptions are indicative of a shortage of electricity. Demands for electricity continue to grow with all the technological advancements these days.

Are you using the latest side-by-side refrigerator? How about the latest 8k resolution Smart TV? They would be a waste if you won’t use them due to rolling blackouts.

Why should you allow this to happen when there’s an alternative?

Solar energy is a great power source in Southern California. Los Angeles alone experiences 284 days of sunshine every year. It even works at night, gathering solar energy from the sun’s light reflected by the moon.

Still on the fence about switching? These eight benefits are proof enough of why solar energy is the future:

1. Reliable Source of Energy

When you start using solar power at home, you no longer rely on conventional power companies. Rolling blackouts become a thing of the past.

Some energy providers use non-renewable sources to provide electrical power. Since fossil fuels are becoming scarce, the cost of electricity is now steeper than ever.

You can switch to a power company that uses geothermal energy. Even so, you’ll have to take your share from their pool together with other consumers.

However, if you have your own solar panels at home, you have your own pool. You don’t have to take a slice of the pie; you have your own pie.

Going solar allows you to rest assured, knowing you’ll always have power for your home. There’s unlimited solar energy, so there’s no scarcity.

2. Save Money on Electric Bills

California enjoys the lowest average monthly electric bill compared to other states. Still, wouldn’t it be magnificent to slash around $100 from your monthly expenses? This number translates to more than a thousand dollars in savings each year.

Generating your own electricity eliminates the need to pay for electric bills. You get to save 100% of your power costs when opting for solar energy. You’ll be enjoying free electricity for the entire 25+ years of your system’s life.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about keeping your AC throughout the summer. You can have your system set up to accommodate your electricity requirements. You also don’t have to compromise using your electric-powered appliances and gadgets.

3. Earn Government Incentives

Even the government is encouraging citizens to start using renewable energy sources. They make it easier to switch to eco-friendly solutions. In California, they even offer two substantial incentives.

The state provides tax exclusions for qualified new solar installations. This exclusion extends up to January 1, 2025. If you qualify for this, your property tax will not increase if you have solar installations in your home.

Another incentive for California residents is tax credits. It’s for taxpayers who installed solar-powered systems in their homes.

The tax credit does not even have a maximum limit. You can claim the full 26% credit regardless of the total amount of your solar panel installation.

However, you can only receive 26% credit if your system was in service before the end of 2022. The credit goes down to 22% if you decide to switch to solar energy the years after.

4. Improves Your Home’s Value

Aside from saving money, installing solar panels in your home increases its value. You’ll get more bang for your buck if you decide to use this renewable energy. Solar installation adds more value to your house than other home improvement solutions.

You’ll get a better assessment of your home’s value if you have solar panels installed. This benefit alone can more than offset the added cost of installation.

5. Versatility in Installation

Solar panels are modular and flexible. They can be set up in both horizontal and vertical spaces. Regardless of the type of home you have, there’s always a place to install the panels. It can be on the roof of the house itself or on an empty area in your backyard.

Solar-powered systems are free from being dependent on power lines. They are also independent of other traditional electrical distribution. Plus, installations can be on remote locations not reached by power lines.

6. Little to No Maintenance

There are lots of misconceptions about solar panels. One of the not popular ones verging on being close to the truth is that they are hard to maintain. In reality, it needs almost no maintenance at all.

You don’t have to schedule regular checkups of the system. In fact, it’s even self-cleaning. The wind can blow off any particles from the surface, and the rain washes the panels clean.

7. Participate in Clean Energy

The more residents switch to solar energy, the lesser the need for power plants. Power plants are one of the major contributors to air and water pollution. With fewer consumers using traditional power sources, power plants’ operations will decrease.

Burning fossil fuels for electricity creates harmful gases. They cause pollution, resulting in the global climate change we’re all experiencing today.

Solar panels help you become an advocate for protecting the planet. At the same time, high energy costs won’t affect you since you’re producing your own.

8. Matches Technological Advances

There are several technological advances taking place today. Some of them are electric motor vehicles, extended reality, and computer vision.

All these developments have one thing in common, though. They all need electricity to operate.

Even at home, you need reliable power to use your OLED TV. You might even need to have an electric car charger installed in your garage sometime in the future.

The shift to unlimited power sources provided by the sun is not only happening in your community. It’s already spreading like wildfire on a global scale. Solar panels give you scalability for future technology. 

Experience a Brighter Future with Solar Energy

These eight benefits you’ll get when using solar panels will help offset energy costs. Getting them installed allows you to contribute to the healing of the environment. Solar energy meets the massive demands due to technology without depleting the planet.

Are you ready to make the switch? Contact us and allow Orange County’s leading solar contractor to help you get started.

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