What to expect when shifting to solar power

What to expect when shifting to solar power?

Over the last few years, many countries have invested heavily in renewable energy to make the future better and sustainable. With the rapid increase in global warming, many people are shifting towards solar energy to power their homes instead of relying on the energy produced by burning fossil fuels. Around 50% of US homeowners claim to have seriously considered adding solar panels to their homes, as it is convenient, economical, and better for the environment. These statistics are rapidly changing as more and more people flock toward renewable energy. 

But not knowing what to expect when shifting to solar is still a major concern. While many do want to make the switch, they are hesitant to do so. We try our best to explain the entire procedure to our customers in our first consultation so they know what to expect. This blog is a guide for everyone who is planning to go solar and needs more information regarding the process. 

Significant changes that happen when you switch to Solar:

Lower electricity costs:

Solar Energy reduces your electricity cost straight off the bat. Since you would be producing your own energy, you will be able to control the cost. Solar panels might sound expensive initially, but you will be able to save as much as 70% on your electricity bills. This is one of the biggest changes that you will feel. Many people who switch to solar admit that they didn’t expect that big of a drop in their electricity bill after switching to solar. You will be able to use whatever appliance that you want without any hindrance while saving money. Once you go solar, don’t be surprised when your electricity bill suddenly drops. 

Higher value for your property:

Solar panels are a source of attraction for many buyers. It is that added benefit that they get once buying a house. Getting solar panels is a great way of boosting your house’s EPC ratings. The better the EPC rating, the more desirable your house is for buyers. If your house is old and you are considering selling it, get the roofs fixed and invest in solar panels. Your EPC rating will increase by two grades, giving you a better offer from the buyers.

Lower Carbon footprint:

A lot of people who get solar, mostly get it for the monetary benefits of it rather than the environmental benefits. But for those who are into saving the climate and feel deeply about the environment, solar is the best option for you. It is renewable energy, and it will lower your carbon footprint by 1.3 to 1.6 tonnes a year. Since it relies on the sun, it is cleaner and more sustainable. There’s no emission of greenhouse gases which is a huge plus, especially when compared to the energy produced by fossil fuels. That alone will have a massive impact on the climate and might motivate others to take this route too. 

A higher return on investment:

While many consider the high price of solar panels to be a turn-off, it is an excellent investment that gives you a great return. Did you know you can sell the excess electricity produced back to the national grid and get paid for it? The government promotes people who do this as it lessens the burden on the national grid and makes people more independent and in control of their energy consumption. Not just that, but when fuel prices rise, they won’t impact you since you will be producing your own energy. 

While these are the major changes you will experience once you move to solar, one thing is for sure. Getting solar panels installed is expensive, and many will tell you it’s not worth it. But if you invest in the right solar system, you will begin to take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer almost immediately. 

How to choose the best solar company?

The first thing you need to do is research. Check if the company you have chosen is MCS accredited or not. This certification ensures that the equipment meets good standards of performance and is reliable. Once that is done, reach out to three different solar companies and get quotations and consultations from all three. Look at their online reviews and see which offers the best experience and service. After-sales service is equally as important, so make sure to cover that as well. Ask everything that you want to know, and clear all doubts circulating in your mind. Once done with all this, you can choose the one that checks all boxes. 

People living in California are rapidly moving to solar and if you are one of those looking for the best solar installation experts, get in touch with us. We specialize in both residential solar and commercial solar and provide only the best to our consumers. Get in touch today to get a quotation. 

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