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How Much Does It Normally Cost to Install Solar Panels?

The cost to install solar panels can run you anywhere from $10,000-$28,000. Depending on the size of your installation when you consider the amount you will be saving . Not only will you be saving, but you will do a service to the planet.

Solar panel installation draws clean, pure, renewable energy from the power of the sun. The beauty of solar is its production and usage are carbon-free and leaves no toxic footprint on our ecological systems.

With all the good aspects of solar panel installation, you wonder how much will you be paying out of pocket for solar?

The good news is there are many incentive programs from both manufactures and government associations. These incentives come in the form of monetary compensation, tax breaks, and rebate offers from manufacturers.

If you plan a solar project for your home or business, this article will be your guide. Start with the basics of understanding your solar needs. Begin planning the early stages of your green upgrade. The power of solar can do good for the planet and your energy savings.

How Does Solar Panel Installation Work?

Solar panels are exactly what you would expect. A panel absorbs powerful rays from the sun and then transfers this into solar-powered energy. This energy can power a home’s electricity, clean water supply, and many other components like heating or cooling.

Before you begin your solar installation in your home or business, you will need to plan for the number of solar panels you will need. You can do this by calculating the square footage of where you are installing your solar bay. The number of solar panels you will need depend on the amount of energy you need to power your home or business.

To figure out the exact number of panels you should install, consider the amount of electricity you consume in your home . As well as the variety and size of panels you intend to build. The average home in the US consumes approximately 800-kilowatt hours per day, averaging approximately 11,000 kilowatt-hours per year.

Through reviewing your previous energy bills, you can determine your current consumption. This will be the simpleist way to figure out your useage.

A 3 kilowatt per hour solar panel system can produce between 3,600 and 4,800 kilowatt-hours yearly. A 5-kilowatt-hour system can generate 6,000 to 8,000 kilowatt-hours per year, while a 10-kilowatt-hour operation will generate 12,000 to 16,000 kilowatt-hours per year.

You will need to know how Much Does it Cost to Install Solar Panels?

The difference between a small investment and a larger extensive solar panel project depends on the size and shape of the panel installation you are planning.

A 6kW solar panel system for a 1,500 square foot home costs about $18,500 to build, and the price per watt for solar panels will vary from $2.50 to $3.50. Residential solar panels are 3-kilowatt hours to 8 kilowatt-hours in size. They range between $9,255 and $24,552 in construction costs.

See the total cost of a solar panel device by scale (before tax credits or discounts).

If you plan a commercial solar panel installation, expect to pay much more during the initial construction and set-up phase. A commercial job must integrate solar energy in a much more complicated way. This may have to do with machinery or specialized equipment the business is running.

With the decrease in solar panel rates, these “soft solar costs” now account for most of what you spend when installing solar. As more countries switch to solar electricity, soft costs have decreased—a trend experts expect to continue in the future. It is always a good idea to contact local solar installers in your region to address the estimated costs of solar installation in your area.

Installing Solar Panels Will Save You Money

Installing solar panels is good for your wallet and good for the environment. If you live in a warm climate like Southern California, your utility bills in the summer months can be something you dread all year. With over 3-6 dry and hot months a year, people in the southern part of the state see a sharp incline in the amount they pay for cooling and electricity.

The amount you can save your utility bills will more than cover the expense of installation in 10. Solar deductions and benefits are available from both the state and municipal electricity suppliers. This will increase your financial return.

While providing you with an accurate solar panel cost. You will also be able to engage in selling excess energy produced by your solar panels in your region if smart metering is accessible.

The Cost to Install Solar Panels Is an Investment

The cost to install solar panels is insignificant when you consider how much you will save on your energy costs over the long run. The initial installation of your solar panels has many moving parts, so you will want to plan for every expense so there are no surprises.

Every household has unique energy goals, budgets, and properties, which is why you need professionals who approach each customer with a unique solution for a personalized energy bill reduction.

You need a service to prepare a no-obligation quote designed for your home using best-in-class products.

Planning to this amount of detail and with a team, you can stand behind will assure your solar panels will be ready to save you money in no time. Contact us to begin your solar transformation in Southern California today. While you’re there, check out our blog.

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