Workers install energy efficient solar panels on the roof of a building.

What to Expect During Solar Panel Installation

Most households in America spend approximately $1,500 yearly on the electricity bill. When you total this amount for 10-15 years, it’s enough money to pay for your kid’s college education. That’s why you should look for ways to reduce or eliminate this utility cost.

Switching to solar energy is the best option for saving this money. Also, solar panel installation will increase the value of your home and help protect the environment. You may, however, be concerned about how this process works.

To guide you, here is what to expect during solar panel installation.

Engineering Site Visit

An engineer must visit your home before any solar installation work can start. The objective is to check your house’s electricity needs and standards. Also, the inspection will help you know the ideal solar equipment to purchase.

The other work is checking the status of your home’s roof to see if it’s strong enough to hold the solar panels. The engineer, in some instances, may recommend you upgrade the roof before the installation work. The idea is to create adequate space for installing solar equipment.

You may, however, worry about where you’ll get a competent engineer for this work. The good news is that our company will provide this specialist. We have many competent engineers who’re available for the home inspection.

Applying for Permits and Other Relevant Documents

You’ll need to get various permits before you can install solar panels on your home. As a homeowner, you’ll have trouble knowing the right way to handle this paperwork. That’s why it may take you a long time to get these permits.

To ease your work consult our solar installation company to help you with this paperwork. Our experts will guide you to understand the needs for these permits and how to apply. We strive to help homeowners complete the paperwork the right way and quickly.

The other thing is learning the incentives you can get by choosing solar energy for your home use. Although Southern California no longer offers solar incentives, you can get rebates for getting an energy storage unit. Reach out to us, and we’ll guide you to the paperwork for seeking these rebates.

Purchasing the Equipment

After getting the permits now, you’ll need to order the solar panels and inverter. It’s logical to wonder who to choose the ideal solar equipment for your home. You want equipment that’ll provide adequate power to meet your needs.

Also, you’re worried about how much money you’ll spend on solar energy equipment. Reach out to our solar installation company for advice on how to get the best deals on solar equipment. We’ll direct you to the top solar energy equipment sellers in Orange County and its environs.

We’ll also advise you on the key features to check when searching for the ideal solar energy equipment. The idea is to help you get efficient and durable solar panels and inverters. In addition, we’ll ensure you get panels that enhance the appearance of your home as well as the value.


After all, preparation work, now it’s time to install the solar panels on your home’s roof. The installers will start by reexamining your roof. The idea is to get it ready and secure the shingles.

The next step is to undertake the electrical wiring by connecting the power system to the solar panels. From here, the expert will install the racking system that supports the panels. The last step is to connect the inverters to the panels.

All these tasks are easy only when you hire the right solar installation company. A company with experienced and highly-trained installers who’ll do the work fast. The right specialists will also undertake the essential testing to ensure everything works.

The other thing is to learn how long the installation work should take. The reason is that some companies take forever to finish this work. Others keep changing the date for installing the solar panels.

You can avoid all these troubles by calling our company for timely solar installation work. We keep our promise on the day we agree to install the solar panels. Also, our experts are quick and efficient in doing this work.

We strive to ensure you start enjoying solar panel benefits as soon as possible. Call us today for reliable and timely solar installation services.

Getting Approval from the Relevant Governmental Authorities

Before you can start using solar energy in your home, you must first get approval from the government. Some homeowners feel that this step is unnecessary and only delays the process. However, getting the approval matters as it shows that you’ve properly installed the solar panels.

Expect a representative from the local government to visit your home for an inspection. The objective is to check whether the electrical wiring is installed properly. Also, this rep will inspect if the panels are firmly and safely mounted on the home’s roof.

The last thing to expect is an evaluation by your electricity company before you can start to use solar energy. The essence of this evaluation is to get utility approval. You can expedite this process by involving a professional solar installer.

Expedite the Solar Panel Installation Work by Hiring Our Company

Many homeowners argue that the solar panel installation process is costly and lengthy. That’s why most of them are reluctant to switch to this renewable energy. If you’re one of these people, seek ideas on how you can simplify this task.

Call our company, and we’ll advise you on the ideal solar energy equipment to get. Also, we’ll share insights on what to expect when you start using this sustainable energy. The idea is to showcase the solar panel benefits that justify incurring the installation cost.

In addition, we’re quick to install the solar panels and help you get the required approvals. Our objective is to offer excellent services that exceed your expectations.

Call us today for all your solar panel installation needs.

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