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Altair Solar can save you money on your residential home.
We are your one-stop orange county solar installation provider.

Solar Is The Only Home Improvement
Project That Pays You.

Residential solar systems have become much more affordable in the past five years. A solar installation can reduce your utility rates by 25 to 50%. Our proven approach to utility cost reduction through the combination of solar and other energy efficiency products and can help you:


  • Buy less utility power by producing your own electricity.
  • Increase your home value.
  • Reduce your taxes with a 30% Federal Tax Credit.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Utilize clean, silent technology as an energy source.

Altair Solutions Makes It Easy & Affordable for You to go Solar.

Every household has unique energy goals, budgets and properties, which is why we approach each customer with a unique solution for energy bill reduction. Altair Solar Solutions makes it easier and more affordable than ever for you and your family to make the switch to solar. Our process is simple: We use satellite imagery to gauge the feasibility of your solar design, and then we prepare a no obligation quote designed specifically for your home using best-in-class products. And as always, you choose how to communicate with us, so no pushy kitchen table sales tactics.


Altair Solar can save you money for your commercial business.

We are your one-stop orange county solar installation provider.

Solar Means Business.

Some of the most profitable corporations are choosing to go solar including Costco, Kohl’s, IKEA, FedEx, Staples and Macy’s because it allows them to take control of their energy costs and improve their bottom line. But commercial solar power isn’t just for large corporations anymore. Light commercial facilities with free and clear roof or ground space can achieve greater bottom line profits by installing solar without having to make a large initial capital investment. Altair Solar is here to help you navigate your solar financing options, manage all necessary paperwork, perform the highest-quality installation and ensure your system runs optimally with our service & maintenance programs.

There are several reasons to go solar with Altair:

  • Compelling lease options don’t require large initial capital investment.
  • Your business can become more profitable with lower operating costs.
  • You can turn your facility into a clean, reliable energy power plant while reducing utility dependency.
  • You can put your savings directly back into your business to grow it
  • You can reduce your tax burden as a business entity.
  • You can demonstrate civic leadership in the community.

New Construction

Set the right foundation for your new developments or remodels.

We are your one-stop orange county solar installation provider.

Get New Homebuyers With Solar.

Altair Solar is proud to be a home builder solar partner. As solar energy systems become more and more mainstream, and potential home buyers want to know about energy saving options, builders are increasingly integrating these features into new homes, and remodels. Your building or remodeling business can benefit from solar electric systems from Altair Solar by getting more clients and better clients who understand the value of a home with low energy usage. We work with home builders and contractors on a variety of levels including:


  • Consulting with builders to integrate solar into new neighborhood developments
  • Developing a model home program to help clients understand and envision solar features
  • Working as your solar subcontractor, taking care of installation, all incentive ppw and more to make it easy
  • Providing the buying power of a national solar buying cooperative, we offer high-quality materials and brands with builder pricing

Please send us your information and we would be happy to set up a meeting or call to discuss ways we can work together to help you offer solar and efficiency features to your clients in a simple and profitable way.


Solar system pricing has come down dramatically in the last five years. Product reliability and efficiency have increased and now is the right time to have a solar program in your company. Solar is one of the most visible signs that your projects are green and cutting-edge to potential clients. Solar systems can increase property value, dramatically reduce utility costs and drive more sales for your business.

Non-Profit & Schools

Solar energy is the future. Help keep it bright. Altair Solar helps non-profits

and schools. We are your one-stop orange county solar installation provider.

Put Savings Back Into Your Budget.

The public/private partnership model is extremely successful in making solar affordable for schools, churches, and government agencies. Whether looking to make a capital investment in solar or using flexible solar financing options and monthly payments that lower your energy costs from day one, we have affordable and straightforward options for you. Our third party finance partners can benefit from the tax credits you can’t use, while you benefit from electricity savings and a reduction on your overall operating costs. It’s a win-win.

Here are just some of the reasons solar makes sense for Non-Profits:

  • You can use your savings to reallocate critical budget resources and focus on core business strategies.
  • You can demonstrate your civic leadership.
  • Solar energy can be used as an educational tool.
  • You can protect against future rate increases.
  • You can reduce your carbon footprint.
  • You can utilize clean, reliable technology as your energy source.

Give us a call today to discuss your energy needs, goals and financial options, our expert team of Energy Consultants will determine an action plan to effectively and permanently reduce your energy bills and start saving on day one.


At Altair Solar we offer maintenance contracts for the lifetime of the system to keep

your system running at its optimum performance levels to maximize your energy savings.

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