How to Find a Solar Contractor in Orange County

How to Find a Solar Contractor in Orange County One of the fears that hold consumers back from installing a solar panel system is the fear of not hiring a good contractor. We understand that. And we want to help you to find the best Orange County solar contractor that is qualified and able to help you with your solar installation project from the start to the finish. The challenge is that there are many who claim to be the best solar installer in Orange County – and many do not find out the truth until it is too late. Here is some advice on how to find a qualified solar contractor in the Orange County area.

Find a Solar Contractor with a Solid Reputation and High Reviews

A qualified and skilled solar installer must have two critical components: extensive professional experience and positive client feedback. There are two ways to check out a solar contractor’s reputation. First, ask your friends or work associates that have solar panels who they used and how it went. You can also check online and read reviews. Here are a couple of


Make Sure Your Solar Installer is Qualified

Your solar contractor needs to be licensed – and it’s okay to ask to see that license. You can expect a solar contractor to be licensed in general contracting, electrical, home improvement and/or home performance contracting. A solar company should have at least one installer who is certified from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). They should have, at a minimum, general liability insurance and preferably be bonded. Give preference to companies who have been in business for many years. Before you choose a solar panel installation company, make sure to get quotes from a couple of installers. Check to see what kind of warranty is included and if they will help with obtaining any rebates, tax incentives or energy credits. If you follow these few tips, then you can be assured of getting the best solar panel installation company in all of Orange County, California.

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