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How Can Your Commercial Business Benefit from Solar Panels?

Commercial solar panels cost a pretty penny—anyone who tells you otherwise is probably lying to you. 

Still, there’s a problem with that statement. Saying that “solar panels are expensive” is misleading because it doesn’t talk about the ROI, the reduction of overhead, and the myriad of other benefits that solar panels can provide to your commercial business. 

Instead, we should be saying that “gaining the benefit, quality of life improvements, and energy security that solar panels give us requires an investment.”

Think about it; solar panels are a single circuit electrical grid that you own. Even better, instead of investing millions like the city has to, you only have to invest thousands. That’s still a considerable expense, but it’s a worthwhile improvement.

Here are some ways you can expect your business to benefit and some reasons why now is the perfect time to invest. 

Solar Increases Energy Security

You don’t depend on a single product’s revenue to make your business function; why would you rely on a single energy source?

If there’s a blackout, then that’s it. Your business can no longer produce. Worse, we currently depend on a national energy infrastructure that was built in 1950.

1950’s America would have had no clue that the power demand would be at the point it is today. From 1950-1980 there was an average of 5 blackouts a year. In 2007 the number of yearly blackouts had climbed to 76.

So, the upgrade to solar energy helps you become partially independent from a solution that’s becoming outdated fast. 

An upgrade to solar can also help prevent power surges if a power outage does occur. 

The Cost of Solar Is Decreasing

As innovation progresses, the cost of solar has plummeted—solar installation has fallen by 89% in the last ten years.

So, even if you got a price estimate of solar installation a year or two ago, then you might want to check back with your local solar company. The price could be much lower than you remember it being.

Additionally, the falling cost of solar is offset further with Federal tax credits. You will receive one or all of the following—tax credits, a reimbursement, or cash rebates. So check your local tax codes (here are some of Califonia’s regulations) to see how much you’ll be saving by adding renewable energy to your arsenal.

Just remember that the initial cost may not be the final cost.

Solar Reduces Overhead

Do solar panels, and other renewables affect your bottom line? YES! 

Solar is, and always has been, an investment in the future of your business. Solar customers can expect up to a 50% reduction in their energy costs (depending on the install location and overall geographic location). That means that you’ll be paying off your initial investment in around 3-10 years, depending on the initial cost and the cost of energy in your area.

The best part is, you get to pocket the difference. (You can even sell unused solar to energy companies to make your money back faster.)

So, in commercial buildings where the average power drawn far exceeds the power drawn by an average home, switching to solar makes a lot of sense. 

Solar Increases Your Property Value

For residential homes, “each additional $1 in energy bill savings (from your solar installation) adds $20 to your home’s total value” according to

The same difference is true for commercial buildings. When you install solar, your property value will increase, meaning that you can use the increase in your property’s value to either buy a new location or pursue other interests after you pay off the install.

Adding solar also means that your building will likely sell much faster when it’s time to move on. Having lower electricity bills is attractive to anyone. 

Solar Makes Energy Bills More Predictable

Operating costs can be unpredictable at times. Energy costs fluctuate, employees come and go, and life happens.

A big benefit of solar is that it gives you a more predictable financial crutch to lean on. By offsetting your energy cost with solar solutions, you’re reducing the risk that you take on by being an everyday customer of the power grid.

Another significant benefit here is taking the edge off of seasonal price fluctuations—depending on what methods you use to heat your space, of course.

Offsetting the cost of city energy with solar energy can turn a price jump that would make you say, “we used how much power!?” into a price jump that has you saying, “oh, guess we used a little more power this month—wonder why?”

Solar Is Sexy

That’s right. Solar looks good on your building and your brand. It improves the green image of your business to the average passerby faster than most forms of press.

Solar panels on the top of your business are physical reminders that you’re investing in a greener future for everyone. Your solar panels will make paper and social capital at the same time… That’s two birds with one stone. 

Solar Panels Are Low Maintenance

Solar panels may not look like it, but they’re eco-friendly tanks. Commercial solar panels are covered in tempered glass, filled with non-toxic silicone, and surrounded by rust-free aluminum.

Like the postal service, “neither snow nor rain nor heat. . . stays these [panels] from the swift completion of their…” energy-generating duties. 

So long as sunlight can pass through the glass on top of the panels, they will generate energy. With maintenance included for the lifetime of the panels, you’ll rarely have to worry about your panels again. 

Additionally, solar panels generate virtually no noise like other generators, meaning that you get to enjoy peace, quiet, and electricity in the event a blackout does occur. 

So, Is Solar Right for You?

It’s obvious that we think the answer is a resounding YES!

Still, every situation is different, and that’s okay. If you’re thinking about adding on commercial solar panels, reach out to us for an evaluation.

We can’t wait to speak with you about adding solar to your commercial space! 

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