Are Solar Panels Right for You?


Are Solar Panels Right for You?

Rising energy costs are driving many homeowners to seriously consider installing solar panels on their home. This is especially true in Orange County and Los Angeles – and throughout most of California – where the sun shines most of the year and the costs of air conditioning is on the rise.

Perhaps you’re considering investing in a solar installation. Let’s take a few moments and answer some of the most common questions about solar panels, solar installation and solar energy to see if a solar system would be a good fit for you and your family.

How do solar systems work?

Usually solar panels are mounted on the roof, but they can be placed on walls or even in the yard. Your installer will analyze your home and consult with local building codes to determine the most effective installation that will maximize the power from the sun.

Energy is collected in the panel and is then converted to AC power that can be used by all the devices, fixtures, and appliances in your home. You have the choice to install an off-grid system utilizing batteries or connect into the utility grid or a blend of both. If you connect to the electricity grid and you do not use all the electricity you generate, you can sell it back to the electric company.

Will solar panels provide enough electricity to power my home?

Living in Orange County will provide you with enough sunlight, so that will not be a problem. Providing that the direction of your roof slope can maximize contact with the sun’s ray and the solar installation can meet all local ordinances, a solar system can always provide enough electricity. It may require installing extra panels, but that is easy to accommodate.

The challenge is providing electricity during off-peak times such as early morning, late evening and at night. If you do not want to pull electricity from the grid, you will need to include a battery backup that will store all excess energy generated during the day.

Your solar installer will examine your unique situation and advise the most practical solution to make sure you maximize the effectiveness of your solar panels.

How long does it take to install a solar panel system?

You can expect a solar company to complete the residential installation of your rooftop solar system in one to three days. Commercial installations can take substantially longer. Ground-mounted systems require additional preparation work. Before the actual installation can occur, however, your solar installer will make sure that all permits and approvals are in place.

How much does a solar power system cost?

Solar panel systems are much less expensive than they were a decade ago and they last over 20-years. The average cost of a solar panel installation in California ranges from $12,900 to $17,400. If you install your system before the end of 2021, you will be eligible for a tax credit that will subtract about 25% off the cost. The typical payback period is anywhere between four to six years.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solar panel system. Each system needs to be created to suit the location and needs of the homeowner. Your solar installer will assess your situation and give you several options to choose from. Just imagine the freedom of being able to lower the AC without any guilt or cost concerns. That dream can quickly become a reality.

Do you have any more questions? We would love to hear answer them. Give us a call or send us an email.

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