Easy & Flexible Financing


Cash Purchase

  • Highest upfront cost but with the shortest return on investment (ROI).

  • You own the system so it’s easy when selling your home.

Same As Cash Purchase

  • Same as cash purchase benefits

  • Federal tax credit deferred for up to 1 year for a small fee.


$0 Upfront Financing

  • Same benefits as cash purchase but with a moderate ROI.
  • You get all the federal tax credits and any rebates.

$0 Upfront Leasing

  • Solar system is owned by the leasing company, and you pay as you go.
  • Longest ROI with $0 upfront costs.

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* First year of free cleaning consists of 4 times of panel cleaning and system check starting at the first quarter from the date your system is installed and ending on the first anniversary of the installation date.  The service can be continued after the first year for a small fee.  See service and maintenance section  for more details.