Solar Means Business.

Some of the most profitable corporations are choosing to go solar including Costco, Kohl’s, IKEA, FedEx, Staples and Macy’s because it allows them to take control of their energy costs and improve their bottom line. But commercial solar power isn’t just for large corporations anymore. Light commercial facilities with free and clear roof or ground space can achieve greater bottom line profits by installing solar without having to make a large initial capital investment. Altair Solar is here to help you navigate your solar financing options, manage all necessary paperwork, perform the highest-quality installation and ensure your system runs optimally with our service & maintenance programs.

There are several reasons to go solar with Altair:

  • Compelling lease options don’t require large initial capital investment.

  • Your business can become more profitable with lower operating costs.

  • You can turn your facility into a clean, reliable energy power plant while reducing utility dependency.

  • You can put your savings directly back into your business to grow it.

  • You can reduce your tax burden as a business entity.

  • You can demonstrate civic leadership in the community.

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