Top Reasons Why You Should Not Install Solar On Your Own

The growth of solar power usage clearly shows that this is one of the best alternative energy methods out there but the reality is that you do need a good solar installation if you want to harness the true power of solar energy. In order to do that you need to contact a trusted solar contractor to help. DIY solar installation is not recommended, and here are a few of the reasons why this is a bad idea!

You are not qualified

If you want to get the job done properly you have to work with a solar contractor, doing it on your own will not cut it and you will end up dealing quite a lot of damage to the installation process instead of performing it properly. It’s important to leave the professionals do their job as this will help you a lot more and the results will be a lot better to begin with.

The efficiency can decrease in time

The standard lifespan of solar panels is around 25 years but DIY solar panel installation will usually reduce some of this lifespan because of improper solar installation. That’s why working with a solar contractor is so important, because otherwise you get to have less efficiency and a lower quality result.

Maintenance is more expensive

Usually the maintenance costs for solar panels are not that high, but if you opt to install the solar panels on your own the maintenance will be a lot more demanding and that means it can get more expensive to the point where you will have to spend thousands. It’s a good idea to focus on installing solar panels properly and Orange County Solar can help with that.

You have to get the panels certified

If you choose a DIY solution you will need to get the panels certified. The process of doing so is not simple at all, in fact it’s quite long and it will end up costing you thousands of dollars which is something you want to avoid. Professional solar contractors already use certified panels so there won’t be any expense if you opt for this solar installation method.

You have to assess the roof condition

Solar installation professionals will always assess the roof condition and install the panels properly but if you don’t do such a thing you might end up doing permanent damage to your home. Roof replacement can cost you thousands and you can indeed avoid that if you opt for a professional solar contractor.

As you can see, working with a professional solar contractor will surely pay off so we recommend you to contact Orange County Solar right now. With a lot of experience and dedication to solar installation and solar energy as a whole, they are the right fit if you want a high quality, reliable way to install solar panels on your home!

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