10 Solar Trends to Watch in 2016

Over the years especially here in Orange County, solar has been popular as a way of consuming energy more intelligently. It provided an alternative source of electricity, which has also necessitated huge financial savings. In the future, the trend is expected to continue and more people will be able to realize how working with a solar contractor can be beneficial in ways more than one. We’ve listed some trends in this upcoming year relating to solar that you should watch out for.

1.     Supplies and Options Will Increase: This year, more and more people will be able to realize the value of alternative energy sources. Because of the increase in demand, supply will also increase, providing people with more options when it comes to solar installation.

2.     Prices Will Drop: For those who are thinking of taking advantage of solar in Orange County as well as in other places, 2016 is a great year as intensified competition is expected to lead to decreased prices. Last year, analysts predicted that solar would grow by 57.4 gigawatts in 2015. The recent five-year extension of the investment tax credit (ITC) in the U.S. for solar installations further extends the growth trend. Now that solar manufacturing capacity has expanded significantly, the price of solar equipment has plummeted – making solar energy cheaper than grid-supplied power in many markets.

3.     Growth in Emerging Markets: It is also expected that solar energy will be popular not only in developed countries but even in developing nations. Philippines, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are amongst the countries that will experience significant growth.

4.     China’s Position Will Strengthen: This year, it is anticipated that China will remain to be the most popular manufacturer of solar cells, partly because of political stability and massive incentives in the country.

5.     Expansion of Solar Financing: Those who are looking for a solar contractor will have more options and will find it financially easy to get started. More options for financing will open up, making solar energy more affordable.

6.     Acquire Energy Beyond the Roof: Virtual net metering is expected to be more popular. Meaning, solar can be deployed in an offsite location and not just on the roof. The energy it acquires can also be distributed in other locations.

7.     Increase in Commercial Applications: It is anticipated that solar installation will be more popular amongst business establishments, recognizing how such can have a favorable impact on their performance, especially from a financial standpoint.

8.     Convergence of Various Technologies: 2016 will also be a year wherein technologies will converge with solar power. Some of the technologies that can be apparent include electric vehicle charging, load control, and energy storage, among others.

9.     Misinformation will Continue: With the increase in the popularity of solar installation, misinformation will also abound, especially online. Make sure to work with a reputable solar contractor so that you will be correctly informed.

10.  Simplified Installation: It is also anticipated that solar installation will be simplified, and hence, can be accomplished with ease. Parts will also be fewer, and the system can be streamlined for simplicity.

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