How Much Maintenance Do Solar Energy Panels Require?

Solar panels have undergone numerous innovations over the years.  Its energy efficiency has increased 4x compared to 1970 and it can now withstand harsher climates as there are solar panels specially designed for winter season.  The design of the solar panels has also transformed into a more seamless style.  It can now be effortlessly installed onto asphalt roof, fiber cement, metal and slate. Contrary to popular belief that solar panels require constant maintenance and cleaning, if you’re shopping within the Orange County solar market, you have warranty options that result in low maintenance. In addition, warranties can extend for more than 20 years.

Maintenance of Solar Installation

The size and type of your solar energy system is contingent upon the amount of power you need on a daily basis.  Solar Installation for your home can cost around $35,000-$40,000, but there are government incentives and tax breaks that the state offers to those who are willing to transform their home into a more environment-friendly energy supply that will greatly reduce the overall cost.  Furthermore, solar energy has become more common and available to consumers, which results in it also becoming more affordable.

After the solar installation, there is minimal maintenance involved. A well-introduced system that has a lifespan of at least 30 years has a limited incurring cost particularly on the battery of the solar panel system. The durability of the batteries of the off-grid system is designed to stand for an average of 6-12 years. This generally suggests that in their 30 years of average lifetime, you need to replace the battery 2-5 times. However, if you research online for an Orange County solar contractor that offers the installation of solar energy, there are solar contractors that offer the warranty of the PV (photovoltaic) batteries together with the whole system.

There are different maintenance options for different types of solar installation. However, a solar panel introduced into a normal environment has a normal degradation factor of at least 1%-2% each year.  That is why it is recommended to perform an annual maintenance and tuning of your system every year.  During a heavy snow, and you need to remove the snow that piles up in your roof. We recommend you hire a solar contractor that is well experienced in removing snow in houses with solar installation as this may decrease the possibility of getting your system damaged.  If you are in a location that has a very unpredictable weather condition, you should ask about the ideal solar panel that is perfect for your home given that sudden changes in the temperature can also damage the solar panels.

The initial cost of solar is considerably higher than the conventional source of energy. But without the monthly electricity bill and the virtually maintenance-free design, solar energy is still a lot cheaper.  With its high durability and efficiency, you will be able to regain your investment back in no time.

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