Is Solar Installation Right For You?

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If you’re a homeowner, you know the pain all too well when energy usage is high during the hot months with the AC running, which in Orange County and Los Angeles, is most of the year.

As an Orange County solar contractor and supplier, I speak to folks who often Google about solar or end up asking friends and family. The following is a guide for you if you’re looking into solar for yourself or need something to share with someone close to you who’s curious.

You’re going to have some of your solar questions cleared up with the hope that this gives you a clear introduction into the world of solar. So without further ado, here we go:

1.)  What is Solar and How Does it work?

Depending on the options and layout that works best for you, the general application of solar panels involves solar installation onto your roof or somewhere adjacent to your home based on what’s available or permissible in your neighborhood.

Energy is collected from the panel and converted from DC to AC power you can use in your home during the day or at night depending on whether you have a battery reserve or connect to the utility grid.  

2.)  If I get Solar Panels, does that mean I’ll have enough energy with solar panels to not depend on my utility provider anymore?

Some solar installations work alongside your existing utility provider so solar energy is used when it’s available with the sun out to produce energy and charge your battery, and utility power when it’s not available. The options available are dependent on the context of where you’re living and any rules or local ordinances that may need to be followed.

There are also a variety of choices that also include solar thermal panels that have the ability to heat water, and a reserve battery which can kick in and provide power during a power outage.

An important thing to consider is which option works best for your needs, as it’s rarely ever a one-size fits all solution.

3.)  How long does it take to get solar panels installed? How much does it cost?

The actual installation part can be the shorter timeline item of the overall process and can vary greatly depending on the configuration you settle on.  An important factor to consider with whomever you speak to about a solar quote is their ability to communicate the timeline and cost along with the best options that work for what you need. Permits need to be secured from the local government and other regulations need to be met before you can get them installed.

Fortunately, the solar contractor you work with for your solar installation does the legwork for you so you can come along for the ride rather than taking the wheel on the process.

Cost can vary due to the unique arrangement of a person’s home and what’s available to them. However, no matter what option you choose, savings are available and it’ll be up to your solar installation expert to articulate that to you so you know exactly whether it’ll be a good option for you. Typical pay back periods with the available tax credit is anywhere between 4 to 6 years nowadays.

This is just an introduction to the most common questions I’ve come across when speaking to homeowners about solar installation. We’ll be continuing the series in our next post regarding common misconceptions about solar so you can start getting a better idea of what this is all about. Thanks for reading!

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