Common Misconceptions about Solar You Should Know About

When I sit down with homeowners and families, there is often a mystic or mysterious perception of what Solar is based on their exposure to it. As an Orange County Solar contractor and provider, Solar isn’t new, but the accessibility to it has definitely grown significantly over the past few years.

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It’s not surprising you might still be uninformed about solar installation as most of us in Southern California either live in residential and urban areas or have only known utility providers as our only source of energy. Making that mental leap from being able to harness your own energy turns that whole dynamic on its head.

Below I’ve summarized some of the top misconceptions about Solar that may arise when you’re doing your research with some help from the folks at

1)  Solar installation and power is expensive.

The cost should always be compared fairly between power plant utilities and what you can produce on your own. Although most power plants in the US have already been paid for and any public utilities get subsidized, any new costs might still get rolled onto you. Depending on your location, household size, and energy consumption, installing a solar system may still turn out to be less expensive.

Bottom line: Until you’ve had a conversation with a trustworthy solar installer, you won’t really know whether going solar or not going solar will save you money.

2)  Solar hasn’t been around long enough for you to consider it as a reliable energy alternative:

It’s true solar is still growing and continues to innovated. The beauty of being the consumer is that you have a choice of what solar options work best for you before any installation is done. As the technology improves, your costs will decrease. Nonetheless, the solar industry has been around for over 5 decades with very solid and reliable products.

3)  Solar power requires expensive battery storage:

While it’s an option to have battery power that is charged by your solar panels, there are also alternatives that include having a solar installation done in conjunction with your utility provider.

If you don’t have a battery, the utility company measures excess energy you don’t use and you get credits in return which get used first before you pay anything. You only pay what you use in excess of the credits you earn.

The rest of the misconceptions can be found at the link above. Hopefully this makes solar a little less mysterious and scary for you during your research. There's a wide selection of solar contractors to choose from and it’s important that you are equipped with some information beforehand so you know what you’re getting into.

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